Funerals are getting a facelift.

...Ok, I'm intrigued!

We are making it our mission to educate the community around us on their many funeral and celebration of life options with the goal of inspiring others to think outside the box (or coffin?). To look past the traditional funeral home setting and dig deeper (oops!) into how they can personalise and celebrate their "After Party" (after all, we only do it once!). We would like to work with families mourning the loss of a loved one to help plan a wonderfully unique event where close family and friends leave the celebration and say "wow, that was really them!".

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Let Us Plan the Funeral!

There is so much involved in planning a Celebration of Life; from contacting caterers and venues, to putting together programs and photos. As an executor of the estate, there are endless amounts of paperwork and family affairs to be organized. Let us handle some of those "To Do's" so you can truly be present at your loved one's celebration. You will be put at ease knowing that your loved one is being commemorated properly, in a personalized fashion, with someone you trust handling the planning.

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Mandy Drew / Owner

For those who know me, pursuing a career in the funeral field doesn't come as a surprise. My love for all things "creepy" started at a young age. My skull collection is vast and Halloween is my absolute favourite day of the year. I'm also a BIG planner and have always dreamed of having my own here we are!

My Why

A few years ago, I unfortunately attended the funeral of a young friend of mine. He left this world quite suddenly, leaving his family to quickly piece together a funeral, while grieving such a sudden loss. It occurred to me how valuable a planner would be in this case who could focus on making it a personalized event while the family could take the time to grieve.

On a separate occasion, I attended a Celebration of Life held at a local brewery. It was a more uplifting event where friends and family could share stories and memories over a pint (or two!).

This made me realize that the environment in which friends and family grieve is vital to ease the healing process. It is my mission to ensure that every family has a chance to know their funeral options, and to have a helping hand through a difficult time. Nothing makes me happier knowing that my clients can spend less time worrying about finding all the resources they need for their loved one's final event, and more time spending time with loved ones.